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"Clear Vision" - the ability to gain information
Contact Center Solutions 

Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions Defined
Our contact center outsourcing solutions encompass every customer contact touch point to strengthen the customer experience, while reducing your costs. We rely upon the following components to help us meet your expectations:

  • Customer Retention
    Utilizing proven techniques and best practices to enhance customer satisfaction improve customer loyalty and promote an environment that listens to the customer
  • Sales and Account Management
    Maximizing every inbound contact and interaction to deliver an exceptional customer experience, as well as partner with you to deliver customized sales programs


Customer Saved = Customer Earned

Did you know that it costs three to seven times more to land a new customer and that long-term customers comprise up to 95% of many company’s profits? These statistics demonstrate the importance of finding an experienced outsourcing partner that is knowledgeable in proven customer retention strategies. ClairvoyIT is that partner.

Solid Experience
As a leading provider of customer care outsourcing services, we possess years of experience supporting loyalty programs and retention plans. Throughout the years, we’ve applied various learning strategies to optimize the success of our efforts. 

Customer Retention Solution

At ClairvoyIT, we utilize proven techniques and best practices to promote exceptional customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty.

By focusing on identifying the main drivers of customer defection, we look to further improve the customer experience. In addition, we target former customers for reacquisition, as well as reward existing customers with exceptional service. With each interaction, we take pride in cultivating an environment that listens to the customer.

We even employ technological tools that enhance our customer retention solution, such as:

  • Extensive queue management to ensure that none of your customers wait too long before resolving their issue
  • Multiple communication channels so that your customer engages the representative in a manner most comfortable to them

Sales and Account Management
Increase Revenue. Grow Your Brand.
It’s obvious that a business must increase sales in order to grow, prosper and survive. What isn’t obvious for many is how to effectively accomplish it. At ClairvoyIT, we excel at helping companies just like yours drive sales performance.

Proven Process

Our strength in inbound sales enables us to capitalize on every inbound contact and interaction. With our proven techniques and best practices, coupled with our real-time production environment, we:

  • Generate revenue
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Drive repeat business

Whether it’s leveraging cross-sell or up-sell strategies to existing customers or acquiring a new customer for their first sale, we make the most of every opportunity.

Sales Tools and Training
Our proprietary coaching, recruiting and sales management training provides the skill sets that foster successful account management. We work together with you to tailor a customized sales program. 

In an effort to increase your likelihood of success, we utilize technology tools that support our efforts. These tools include:

  • Immediate customer preference modeling
    Providing intelligence as to what strategies will work for which customers
  • Best services routing
    Ensuring the right representative manages the interaction
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